I have just finished reading this piece about snacks and eating habits. It certainly raised a few questions for me. Do we need snack time? Do I ply my kids with snacks on a regular basis to avoid other issues? Why do we need to eat all the time? Can we have three meals a day and call it good? Are more meals a day better than the three meal model? 

I would like to think that we could do with less eating times at school but only if the food that is provided is of sufficient levels. We all need food in the morning. And it needs to be better than a bowl of processed cereal to get someone to a lunch time meal. That is what I think but I fear that we are so far down a path of unhealthy eating habits that it will be a hugh societal change that is needed rather than a simple school change.  Which of course is the reason for the story in the first place. So there, I have come full circle, not a big circle, nor earth shattering but a circle nonetheless. So now you can take a spin with the snacks and leave your comments for me to ponder. I need to find something to eat before I head to bed!

cc photo from morrissey