Needless to say, Race to Nowhere captured my attention. Katie really never had letter grades before. We did home school last year and I pulled her from the mess that was fourth grade where they weren't using letter grades yet. Enter Middle School where they have something called the Parent Portal and you can see how you are doing day-by-day. Test by test. Let the addiction begin.

I had been slightly worried she was so obsessed with her grades, but I also shared her excitement as she was able to study more and get better grades. For the last four weeks, she's been getting 100 on everything which, bytheway, they addictively call an A+ - which is simply non-sense, it's an A. But this adds a kick to the high doesn't it?!

So I confronted Katie about her addiction .....   Read the full post and then think about grades in your world!

Do you have a student who is addicted to their grades? Do you have a child who is addicted to their grades? Do you have a teacher who is addicted to their grades?

Interesting point of view and topic for some thought! Where do you feel grades fit into a person's learning?