... and where do you learn those things that you need to learn?

Good luck with this list from Stephen Downes. He gives us plenty to ponder.
Don't know about you but my math class could use a "make over" and Dan Meyer certainly gives me plenty to think about and to work with in this presentation. I have followed Dan for a few years and have enjoyed his work from a distance but with this presentation his work seems more accessible to me. There are many things that I can get hung up on in my teaching but Dan keeps this focused and very real for me as I look to "make over" my math experience.

Dan has been a leader for me to watch as he has made much of his experiences available online. His use of visual pictures and video is outstanding and allow me to see possibilities for my teaching experience.

Here is a link to the page of his presentation and lots of other related links. He also has a great TED Talk about this idea as well.
 Does this clip speak to you as we look to think about the priorities of what AVS offers our students? Would love to hear folk's reaction to this video. This video has been with me for a few years and I keep coming back to this to shake off the testing world that we work in. Can we address this issue? 
An interesting video presentation by Alan November about learning, teaching, and how have things changed in education and society in the last hundred years. He looks at how technology can impact learning and points out some common myths about technologies dreams in learning.

After watching what does Alan's presentation say to you? Click on the comment  count above right to leave a comment to contribute to the conversation.