Well here we go. Tomorrow is the final hurrah. Heartwood has been with us for four days and what an experience it has been. As we came back on Monday we broke into expert groups, Tuesday we added music and puppets and Wednesday it all started to come together. The beat experts, music, and props all came together in a run through for the first time. After review and reflection on the piece we were able to see the next steps and the work needed to move forward. 

Some of us were struggling with the process. It is a process that these students are being ask to work through. The answers are not there for them. They have to answer many of their own questions as they are being handed more and more of the production. There is plenty of support from the Heartwood staff as groups push forward with their work. It seems that some students are looking to be told what to do, where to be , what to say, how to act but in this experience the students are ask to creatively think about their questions for themselves and give it a try. Some students are understanding this format and have really jumped at the opportunity that they are being given. It makes it thrilling to see what students will do, what ideas they have and where they will take it, rather than what their teachers have in mind. 

As I watch this week long experience unfold I see this a an experience that involves students in the process and therefor they are working and learning every moment they are with the program. It is not just about the final show but about how we get there. How we work as a team, how we take a risk in this environment, how we support each other, what is our passion or interest in this team. With so much flexibility and the many facets of the programs allows most all to find a niche in the production. 

The frustration and struggles that the students are experiencing are a great lesson for them as they are ask to find solutions and answers that will work for them and for the team. Some of us have had to put aside our egos and be a true team player. All of these are excellent life lessons. 

I look forward to the finale tomorrow. I am sure it will come together with a flourish and a cheer and I can't wait to see where these students take this experience. 

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