So here it is all in 5 minutes. Chris Lehmann is part of something exciting in education and this video shows why. He has the vision, energy and understanding to make a great learning setting.

What are you thoughts about this video as we think about AVS and where we could go with our leaning environment?
2/7/2010 07:13:33 pm

This is exciting...and "essential" conversation! It grieves me that budget issues sit so heavily within it. I truly believe that the town of Appleton is committed to dynamic, child-centered top quality education for the children here. The is a big disconnect around assessments and their role, but I think it may because it is so "top down" and too much the talk. Not that assessment in and of itself is bad, but that standardized assessments should be such a sliver of the overall picture, a "snapshot in time" that allows us to quickly see how our kids are faring in the larger arena in terms of their age expectations. The richness of learning experiences should not need to resemble testing situations or be limited to basic or linear skills acquisition. When skills are embedded in student-driven genuine exploration and are applied to their quests to understand, students will "exceed the standard" because they are fully engaged and the learning has relevance. As the Chris Lehmann video shows, the highest learning institutions of our country do not follow a single model of instruction, and they certainly don't limit their students to knowledge that is already established. They teach students how to create knowledge....hmmm.

2/25/2010 10:36:53 am

Joy, I agree that Appleton is committed to quality education and I feel that we are doing a good job in providing that education. I also think that Lehmann and others make a case for some other ideas that it would be great to consider in the evolving education at AVS. "Teach the students how to create knowledge" certainly makes me say hmmm, and wow, and can we think about it.


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