An interesting video presentation by Alan November about learning, teaching, and how have things changed in education and society in the last hundred years. He looks at how technology can impact learning and points out some common myths about technologies dreams in learning.

After watching what does Alan's presentation say to you? Click on the comment  count above right to leave a comment to contribute to the conversation.
Joy B
11/21/2009 08:47:02 pm

Thanks for posting this. Lots of implications for school leaders as well as teachers. Always the question...How do educators create a climate that fosters the flow while upholding meaningful processes, assuring development of universally needed skills, and giving balance to many voices?

Kristina Bartleson
2/5/2010 01:13:56 am what he says - love the idea of kids contributing to the community and creating assignments. Defintielythink we need to harness their hunger for technology and show them the facets, the uses, the CONSTRUCTIVE potential. Difficult when they discover it as a toy or distraction. Have always supported education that values these concepts and wonder why those educations usually happen in private schools. My 4 yr old goes to a Waldorf-based preschool. I can't afford to send him to the Waldorf Elementary school. We've got a great small public school a block away from our house. Incredible family of teachers, but they are restricted by their curriculum requirements. As long as parents stay involved, I think, we can encourage and cultivate ideas such as November's in our kids, our communities, our schools.

2/6/2010 04:52:37 am

Yes Kris,
It is interesting to look at the possibilities out there as a teacher and then you are faced with the restrictions that you mention. Both our children went, and are going to, a Waldorf preschool. It was a great experience for parents and children. The transition to public school was this year for us, and has gone very well and some of the credit goes to the time with the Waldorf focus on personal exploration and development. The curriculum restrictions that you mention are so real and to some extent truly "mess up" the possibilities. At our small school we are taking a moment at this time to review what things in education are important to us and then try work them into the "education madness" that we call school and try and create a more comfortable educational setting for student and educator. As Alan mentions it will take parents and the community to truly make a change but we have to start somewhere.

4/6/2011 08:30:58 pm

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