As we begin to look at the future of education, the fiscal woes that we find ourselves in at this time, the state wide school district consolidation, it seems like we here in Appleton need to pause and have a conversation about the future possibilities for educating our students. We have been saddled with a budget that is going to ask for difficult decisions to be made around our school and the education of our children. 

What are the priorities that we have for our school, the student's education and our local community? Can we afford this school? Do we want to continue to have a school here in Appleton? Knowing that we have to educate our children, what options do we see that we may have and what are the financial out looks for those options?

Do we fund the school at a level that will hopefully allow it remain here in town? Do we make cuts within the present structure and hope for the best? Do we close the school and have our children educated at other facilities? 

Facing the state budget cuts and the state consolidation mandate Appleton seems to be in a very difficult spot. Will consolidation within an RSU make Appleton Village School more vulnerable to closing as it may be the smallest school in the district? By loosing state funding will our town budget not be able to support a school that is successful and therefor vulnerable to closing? 

Clearly I have many more questions than answers but as I look at this situation from my position as parent, teacher and community member I feel that this school needs to remain a successful, vibrant learning center and hub for our small community. With that in mind I propose that we work to make this a great school, a model school and a school that through these tough times will remain; will be supported by the community and teachers and will not be a consideration for elimination when we join a larger district and face future fiscal challenges. I feel that this school should not only be a great school but also continue to provide that hub, that meeting place for the Appleton community. It is part of the glue that binds, as our children bring us together as a community this facility gives us a physical place for us to "Be Appleton".

photo: On Explore - Milad Gheisari

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