Wow! One of those days.  This next stretch could be a wild time.

Morning meeting to get Veterans Day panel loose ends tied up. Things are looking good for that and it is looking like great participation for out Vets. Looking forward to it.

8th graders took the math competency test this morning so our schedule was flipped on it's head. Thanks to all for their flexibility with this.

7th grade: got a few students started with their blog spaces and then a 80% successful intro to ALEKS the online math program. A few students run into a road block that we are working to fix this evening. Thanks for your patience gang.

Veterans day panel is Monday, Nov. 9th 10:30-12:20 with lunch to follow.

H1N1 clinic coming up next week, Nov 12th in the morning. Make sure to get your paperwork in this week so the order is complete. There will be no extras!

Also parent conferences on that day and it is a 1/2 day. Wow.

Student leaders met at lunch and are getting things organized for a Thanksgiving food drive. Lots of logistics to get ironed out. Very excited group. Look for what you can do to help out in the form of food contributions in next weeks NotesHome.

Today ended with a tremendous team effort from the boys basketball team. I had to leave a halftime but we looked to be in control. Very exciting and entertaining. Well done gentlemen!

Photo: Veterans Day  -  eqqman

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